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Leadership Education - A Lifelong Advantage

Leadership education is a major asset, providing far-reaching benefits both for the individual leader and for society as a whole. Qualities found in strong leaders, including effective communication, problem-solving, ethical reasoning, and goal setting, are the same skills that lead to success throughout life. Youth who are taught these skills and who are given opportunities to practice them in meaningful ways “demonstrate higher career aspirations, increased self-esteem, and improved high school completion rates.”  Leadership development is truly the key to success.

Formal Leadership Education

Research shows that anyone is capable of leadership when given the right tools. Formal leadership education is one of the keys to youth success in this arena. Two of the most important elements of effective formal leadership education programs are giving young people the opportunity to make real and meaningful decisions with the responsibility for their consequences, and adult/adolescent relationships that recognize youth perspective as meaningful and appreciated.

Experiential Learning

Students benefit from learning through doing in many aspects of education, including in the development of leadership skills. The combination of experiential learning and opportunities to take what is learned and put it into action is the most effective method for teaching leadership skills. It benefits the student to make leadership decisions that have real consequences. Further, the student needs to assess the consequences both in terms of what could have been done differently to improve the outcome and in terms of principles learned that can be applied to future real-life situations.

Adult/Youth Relationships

The relationships between teenagers and their adult mentors are valuable in all aspects of youth development, but particularly in terms of leadership skills. There are benefits for both the mentor and mentee in these types of relationships.  Adults not only showcase various leadership styles while serving as role models for youth, but they also have the ability to “dismantle the barriers that might prevent a young person from authentic engagement in leadership roles, and help create opportunities to learn and practice leadership in ways that make a real difference to them, their organizations, and their communities.”  

Adolescents, on the other hand, provide fresh perspectives and creativity that often leads to new ways of solving community problems. When adults recognize that youth are assets to the community who can use their unique experiences for successful decision making and problem solving, they can work as partners in leadership with mutual respect.  “Additionally, young people help to re-energize adults,”  leading to more positive changes in the community.

Leadership Education Leads to Success

Goal-setting, problem-solving, and thoughtful decision making are skills that lead to success in leadership and to personal and professional successes throughout one’s life. The benefits of formal leadership instruction are far reaching, and give huge advantages to students and the community as a whole.


  • housing provided: in double rooms with one shared bathroom per dorm building.
  • meals provided: (three a day while on campus and boxed lunches or $8.00 meal allowance provided during off-site activities)
  • class materials: books and instructional materials used during classroom sessions
  • entrance fees provided: amusement park entry fees and expenses related to off-site activities and tours
  • CPR provided: fees related to this class are covered as part of the curriculum
  • uniform shirts provided: though there is a mandatory packing list, all participants will be provided color-coded golf shirts and fatigues they will be required to wear 


  • spending money they may want to have to purchase food, gifts, souvenirs etc.
  • fees related to transportation
  • fees related to health insurance purchase
  • fees related to medical needs: prescriptions, insurance co-pay, medical supplies etc.



Basic Leadership Courses


Physical Activity/Leadership Assessment


Special Activities/Team Building


State and Elective Hours


Total Hours



CIVICS:C9. Understands the importance of Americans sharing and supporting certain

values, beliefs, and principles of American constitutional democracy


LA1. Uses the general skills and strategies of the writing process

LA4. Gathers and uses information for research purposes

LA5. Uses the general skills and strategies of the reading process

LA7. Uses reading skills and strategies to understand and interpret a variety

of informational texts

LA8. Uses listening and speaking strategies for different purposes


LW2. Uses various information sources, including those of a technical nature,

to accomplish specific tasks

LW3. Manages money effectively

LW5. Makes general preparation for entering the work force

LW7. Displays reliability and a basic work ethic

LW8. Operates effectively within organizations


SR1. Sets and manages goals

SR2. Performs self-appraisal

SR4. Demonstrates perseverance

SR5. Maintains a healthy self-concept


TR1. Understands and applies the basic principles of presenting an argument

TR3. Effectively uses mental processes that are based on identifying

similarities and differences

TR6. Applies decision-making techniques


WO1. Contributes to the overall effort of a group

WO2. Uses conflict-resolution techniques

WO3. Works well with diverse individuals and in diverse situations

WO4. Displays effective interpersonal communication skills

WO5. Demonstrates leadership skills


Sunday 7/21 Universal Studios
Saturday 7/27 U.S.S. Midway
Sunday 7/28 Soak City
Saturday 8/3 Safari Park
8/4 Knotts Berry Farm

Sample Week Program

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